Can I use the iPad while it’s in the Crucial Case?
Absolutely! In fact, after you have used the iPad in the crucial case you wont want to take it out.

Does the kickstand offer different viewing angles?
Yes, you can adjust the Velcro on the kickstand to different viewing angles.

How do you access ports?
The dual zipper system provides easy access to all controls and ports and provides protection while the zippers are closed.

Does the Crucial Case come in other colors?
Not yet. We plan to add more colors soon.

Is the Crucial Case heat resistant?
Yes, up to 150ªF, but your iPad doesn’t like those temperatures!

Does the headrest mount fit any car?
The mount was designed to be versatile and should fit on any suspended headrest.

Will the Crucial Case protect my iPad if dropped?
Yes, to a degree. While the Crucial Case offers some protection for your iPad, if you drop it there’s a chance that your iPad will be damaged but your Crucial Case will not suffer.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Shipping to international customers is $25.

Is it true that the Crucial Case can strap to your hand?
Why yes.That being said, it’s important to understand that Velcro is the fastening mechanism, and there are strength limitations.

What makes the Crucial Case superior to other cases on the market?
The Crucial Case is made in the USA from highly durable ballistic nylon (the kind used in luggage) and is built to last. It also offers unique functionality, such as the head rest mount for in-car media viewing and a seat-tray mount for airplane media viewing, while also functioning as an everyday case.